Hash Tag Research

For our digital story my group and I will be making an animation about Hanuman.


Our topic is Indian mythology so naturally this lead us to the stories of the Vedas. These are the stories of the Hindu gods and how they came to be. The Vedas also include stories of Hanuman a god which is very similar to Son Goku a character popular in both China and Japan who has been the subject of many famous shows that have gained world wide audiences. Shows such as Monkey magicDragon ball, even the Japanese anime Goku Midnight Eye and the list could go on…

While the story of Son Goku is all about the beginning of Buddhism, the stories of Hanuman are all about India and Hinduism.

I searched the #hanuman and was surprised with what the tweets were about. One specific tweet makes reference to the story of when Hanuman went to Shri Lanka and decimated the land. It seems to be in the rhetoric of rivalry between the two nations but to the outside viewer seems a bit offensive.

The tweet goes
@DirGenISI: Dear Lankans! All I’m saying is, last time an Indian visited Lanka he burnt it down. #Hanuman

It has been re-tweeted a lot and I am sure it has something to do with the World Cup Cricket.

Other uses of the hash-tag were an endorsement of this Indian temple, links to various blogs about Hindu prayers, Yoga and Instagram posts with people posing with Hanuman.

Lastly there was this tweet “@RealVinduSingh just respect d culture u got in ur legacy..! Ur father is known as#Hanuman jee..!”
Which I think illustrates just how deep the stories of Hanuman run.

Hanuman is a huge icon in India and has a firm place in the minds of the majority of Indian people, he is the subject of many films and is connected to India rivalry with their neighbours. I believe making a digital story about him will not only be fun but may have the potential to reach a very wide audience. Hopefully it will also make people whom have never heard of Hanuman enjoy a part of India’s rich culture as well.


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