How Hanuman Was Born

There are many tales featuring the great Hanuman, but have you heard the story of his birth?

Hanuman would not have had all of his adventures if it was not for the actions of one women. This short animation aimed at children depicts the unique set of circumstances to how the great Hanuman came to be.


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This is my reflections on the project How Hanuman Was Born.

Created by Jeremy Manson s347 3660 and Apinun Julthong s350 7671

The animation is of a higher quality than others on the same subject. The story is kept simple  even though the source material is very complicated. For a group of two within the time frame I believe we chose a production that was manageable.

The problem we had to solve was making  complicated story with many moving parts simple enough anyone to digest. We would have to make it so that when children watched it they would be both entertained by the images and at ease with the complexity. I think we achieved a project that does this well.

The overall quality could be better, however we were not able to make changes given the limited amount of time and man power.

We could have improve with the social media strategy by starting it a lot earlier. I was reluctant to put the story online until it had a sound mix done. This mean that once the sound design was complete it would be hard to make any serious changes to the animation. It was in a tutorial where we were instructed to put our projects up so that they could be scrutinised. The idea was that we could take feedback and make changes based on this feedback. Because I wanted to do more work before putting the project online I missed the opportunity to receive feedback from the audience.

The videos main platform for social media is twitter where it will be pushed by a scheduled frequency through hootsuite. Tweets have been scheduled to be posted throughout the week, in the morning, at lunch time and in the evening. Because Saturday is considered Hanuman’s day by his followers that is the main day it will be pushed with post frequency to double for this day. #hanuman will be used along with a list of other hash tags which connect to thousands of devotees. The twitter profile @HanumanWasBorn is following all the top pages with Hanuman in their interests. They are being directly targeted through twitter and while this has been slow at the start we have had some encouraging re-tweets and we hope that the message will continue to spread.

The voice over in the sound design could possible be better but it was trying to get it the best we could that held up the projects release. In the future I will push the project out at an earlier stage so that feedback can be implemented. It should be noted that I did receive feedback from my tutor and was only able to make adjustment on a couple of things because of the time. This reenforces my resolve that getting feedback earlier is best for the good of the project.

How Hanuman was born. from Hanuman Manson on Vimeo.

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Filmblueprint by Jeremy Manson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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