Learning Code

Today I learnt basic code.

I am completely useless when it comes to computer science and mathematics, so, believe me when I say anyone who can use a computer can do this. By following these quick and simple twenty lessons you will be guided through the basic concepts of code starting with the straight foward act of drawing a line to the complex act of drawing a snow flake.

While this looks as though it is aimed at young girls (because it is) it is actually incredibly good at teaching people (such as myself) whom have no idea about programming, just how it works. Once I had started I actually didn’t want to stop so, there is an addictive element to it as well. It’s not like I became mad with power and thought “I’M INVINCIBLE”. But it was great to finally overcome my initial attitude towards it.

Now I actually want to do the next level of lessons and who knows where this will stop? certainly not where these skills took people like Elon Musk, but you never know.

Here are some examples of the movement patterns the lessons taught me to create:




All in all pretty great way to teach people code in my opinion. This is only the basic lesson, there is actually a whole lot more you can learn from this website. Who knows you could become the next Elon musk.

I’ve included a link to Startalk radio’s interview with Elon Musk for those of you who don’t know who he is. Enjoy.


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