How Hanuman Was Born

There are many tales featuring the great Hanuman, but have you heard the story of his birth?

Hanuman would not have had all of his adventures if it was not for the actions of one women. This short animation aimed at children depicts the unique set of circumstances to how the great Hanuman came to be.


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This is my reflections on the project How Hanuman Was Born.

Created by Jeremy Manson s347 3660 and Apinun Julthong s350 7671

The animation is of a higher quality than others on the same subject. The story is kept simple  even though the source material is very complicated. For a group of two within the time frame I believe we chose a production that was manageable.

The problem we had to solve was making  complicated story with many moving parts simple enough anyone to digest. We would have to make it so that when children watched it they would be both entertained by the images and at ease with the complexity. I think we achieved a project that does this well.

The overall quality could be better, however we were not able to make changes given the limited amount of time and man power.

We could have improve with the social media strategy by starting it a lot earlier. I was reluctant to put the story online until it had a sound mix done. This mean that once the sound design was complete it would be hard to make any serious changes to the animation. It was in a tutorial where we were instructed to put our projects up so that they could be scrutinised. The idea was that we could take feedback and make changes based on this feedback. Because I wanted to do more work before putting the project online I missed the opportunity to receive feedback from the audience.

The videos main platform for social media is twitter where it will be pushed by a scheduled frequency through hootsuite. Tweets have been scheduled to be posted throughout the week, in the morning, at lunch time and in the evening. Because Saturday is considered Hanuman’s day by his followers that is the main day it will be pushed with post frequency to double for this day. #hanuman will be used along with a list of other hash tags which connect to thousands of devotees. The twitter profile @HanumanWasBorn is following all the top pages with Hanuman in their interests. They are being directly targeted through twitter and while this has been slow at the start we have had some encouraging re-tweets and we hope that the message will continue to spread.

The voice over in the sound design could possible be better but it was trying to get it the best we could that held up the projects release. In the future I will push the project out at an earlier stage so that feedback can be implemented. It should be noted that I did receive feedback from my tutor and was only able to make adjustment on a couple of things because of the time. This reenforces my resolve that getting feedback earlier is best for the good of the project.

How Hanuman was born. from Hanuman Manson on Vimeo.

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Celestial City Peer feedback


Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

As a part of the Celestial City project we had to look at our peers work finding at least two weaknesses and two strengths. We also had to include how we thought these weaknesses could be improved.

For this exercise I have been looking at 7 days of Yoga and the following is my thoughts.

I would like to start by saying I have really been enjoying what has come from this project. It is very engaging and there have been plenty of posts on various mediums to keep me interested. The photography looks professional, with good compositions, lighting and form. With the video I enjoy the idea of having someone who is learning and there is some good, natural comedy there. The video is only weakened by the production quality. I enjoy the ideas but think that if the visual aesthetic was on par with that of the photography these videos could be much better. I also think there is a missed opportunity to use audio voice over to direct the audience in correct technique.

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 5.13.58 PM

These are only problems because they make the production quality look less than it is in other areas. To fix this I would suggest choosing a location that reflects beauty of yoga (like in the photography), composing, planning and lighting the shots to get the most out of the physical form. Also allowing time to do a proper sound mix that has a voice over which is clear and instructional.

Writing this feedback I had to really think to find areas of weakness. This is a really strong project, because there is just so much content and you can tell how much the creators care about yoga. With higher quality video as a part of the package it would be complete.   

Location, location, location!


It was the first semester at university as a student of film production. I had not been to Melbourne, (my city of origin) for 8 years. I was working on the short film Reinstating Hope (2010), looking for a location for the opening scene. This opening scene had to show a man named Bruce had just been released from prison. We were being taught about the concept of “mise en scene”, or everything in the frame. We challenged ourselves with showing that Bruce had been released from prison by using just one shot, the actor and a location.

It turns out Melbourne is full of old architecture and just behind RMIT is the Old Melbourne Gaol that has been preserved as a tourist attraction. We thought about shooting inside however, the building runs tours and when negotiating with the person in charge we found out they wanted money to let us shoot there. If we could get the shot we wanted without it costing us any money then that is what we were going to do. The person in charge said if we wanted we could shoot stuff outside the gaol for free so the next day we went to shoot some tests around the location. It was during these tests that we realised all we had to do was use the barred windows on the old gaol wall as our background and have Bruce waiting in front of the wall with satchel bag of his belongings. With the large gaol wall towering behind him, it was clear in the opening shot that Bruce had just been released from gaol.


Two things I took from this:

A film only needs what is necessary to communicate the information the audience needs to know.

You don’t need a huge budget to establish an idea.

There are many locations in Melbourne I have since used to communicate ideas in my short films and every day I am thankful that I am living in such a wonderful, colourful and diverse city. 

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App Development

How would I go about making an app?

In this blog post I will be discussing what I found when researching App development.

People talk about Apps like they’re a new thing, like they are an innovation that has changed the media landscape and are a must have if you want to compete in todays media environment. While most of that statement is true there is one part that is the result of misunderstanding. Apps are not a new thing, what is new about Apps is the platforms and the way in which they connect to the internet. You can develop a specific App that enables people to solve a problem or you could make a video game people play on their smart phone. There are many reasons apps can be developed. Most brands whom want to reach a wide audience have taken Apps on board as a way for people to interact with their brand, receive their message and buy their products.

Much like designing a website you would have to take into consideration the aesthetic look, the usability and especially the platform you are developing the App on. Before designing an App you need to think about the people who will be using it and the relationship they have with the platform you are making it for. Apps can be games, book readers, Art, novelty jokes, tram timetabling systems and the list goes on. The point is you could develop any communication idea as a software application. However, who you are making it for should help you decide what it does and how it can help them solve a problem or enrich their lives in some way.

Once you have a good idea that has considered all of these things, how will you then go and make the App? First you would get the Software Development Kit or SDK for the specific platform you wanted to make the app for. Using the specifications in the kit as a guide you would write code, designing the function and interactivity of the app. Then you would design art assets for the user interface. SDKs have ways which can make this process easier such as plug-ins or built in effects and they ensure you stay within the requirements of the platform. If you are good enough at coding you could learn Xcode and write apps from scratch but you still need to understand SDKs in order to write for the specific platform you wish to put your App on.

Apps really are just a way for the user to interact with an idea.

One more thing to keep in mind is, that platforms have their own requirements and your App may not be accepted on the platform you make it for even if you have made it within the specifications, for example if you submit your App to the Apple App store you have to wait for them to assess it and approve it before they make it available in their store. In other words the ideas in your App have to conform to the ethics of the App store you choose. While these ethics do force censorship on developers there is still quite a lot you can do. 

The main thing I take from this is that learning how to write code or at least wrk with code has become more important in todays media industry and it is worth learning if you have space for it in your skill set.

Creative Commons

It is important for all film makers to understand the creative commons licensing.

I decided to go with a creative commons agreement that allowed people to freely share the content in my blogs.

There will be a time when I post stuff that I do not wish for anyone to put their name on or make money from and for those particular posts I will apply a different copyright. I think it is important to have and allow the ability to share freely while being a student and interacting with other students or professionals. Once these skills can be used to make a living I greatly respect everyones right to do so without anyone else taking advantage of the availability of their work.

For now I am happy to experiment and allow others to do what they will with content I post in my blogs.


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Hash Tag Research

For our digital story my group and I will be making an animation about Hanuman.


Our topic is Indian mythology so naturally this lead us to the stories of the Vedas. These are the stories of the Hindu gods and how they came to be. The Vedas also include stories of Hanuman a god which is very similar to Son Goku a character popular in both China and Japan who has been the subject of many famous shows that have gained world wide audiences. Shows such as Monkey magicDragon ball, even the Japanese anime Goku Midnight Eye and the list could go on…

While the story of Son Goku is all about the beginning of Buddhism, the stories of Hanuman are all about India and Hinduism.

I searched the #hanuman and was surprised with what the tweets were about. One specific tweet makes reference to the story of when Hanuman went to Shri Lanka and decimated the land. It seems to be in the rhetoric of rivalry between the two nations but to the outside viewer seems a bit offensive.

The tweet goes
@DirGenISI: Dear Lankans! All I’m saying is, last time an Indian visited Lanka he burnt it down. #Hanuman

It has been re-tweeted a lot and I am sure it has something to do with the World Cup Cricket.

Other uses of the hash-tag were an endorsement of this Indian temple, links to various blogs about Hindu prayers, Yoga and Instagram posts with people posing with Hanuman.

Lastly there was this tweet “@RealVinduSingh just respect d culture u got in ur legacy..! Ur father is known as#Hanuman jee..!”
Which I think illustrates just how deep the stories of Hanuman run.

Hanuman is a huge icon in India and has a firm place in the minds of the majority of Indian people, he is the subject of many films and is connected to India rivalry with their neighbours. I believe making a digital story about him will not only be fun but may have the potential to reach a very wide audience. Hopefully it will also make people whom have never heard of Hanuman enjoy a part of India’s rich culture as well.


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